Ioannis Menelaou

ICO Manager @ Lykke

Ioannis is an investments and digital finance expert with a vision to make financial markets fully transparent and fair.
He has deep experience in investment analysis, portfolio management and crypto-economics. Ioannis’ expertise also includes Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Compliance and Securities Laws. He is a member of several investment committees within the organisations he serves such as compliance, risk management and oversight.
Ioannis is currently the regional director (General Manager) of Lykke Europe (Cyprus). He is also holds the position of the Chief ICO Manager for the Initial Coin Offerings taking place on Lykke Exchange.
In addition, Ioannis is an Adjunct Lecturer at the MSc in Digital Currency of the University of Nicosia, the top degree for crypto-economics. Part of his teaching includes topics from the Financial Markets, Alternative Investments, International Currencies, Global Exchanges and Fintech. He also serves other investment and non-investment firms as a member of the Board of Directors.
Ioannis is a Mathematician and holder of the MSc in Financial Mathematics from Leeds Business School – member of the Russell Group – and accredited by Yale University (US). He is a certified investments’ expert by several markets’ authorities and professional bodies.